Two Fruits

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year in Review - 2015


Ran only 6.25 kms today with not much to add to any of the yearly totals.

A fairly good without being outstanding year with the 4238 kms being above the long term average but no where near the all time best.
More importantly, I recorded altitude figures this year and finished with an elevation gain of 76,387 metres. As most would know, most GPS figures for distance and especially ones for height are not that accurate and should be taken as a best possible guide.
However, I am happy with both of the above for the year. The altitude obviously involved plenty of hard work as I tend towards the steeper hills & mountains.
One of the reasons to tackle this area this year & probably cut back a bit on distance was to gain/maintain strength & endurance especially as I get older.
If I can maintain my present level, then I am hoping in the future my health & general well being will hold together.
Highlights racing wise were few, a couple of 6 hour track runs, the Bush Capital Ultra of 63 kms in winter in cold & wet conditions. I did win 2 gold medals at the veteran's athletic club monthly handicaps. Hadn't won one before this year, so 2 was a big bonus.
Then the long run along the Darling River from Bourke to Wilcannia of 335 kms in 6 days. Easy running, windy against couple of days, then warm/hot days later. Testing but enjoyable week.
Best of all had some great training sessions in all conditions. Both Stockyard Spur run in late winter in the snow and the Neverest 6 times up and down in early winter were great.
Also discovered the Bullen Range now upgraded to suitable fire trail conditions and ran/walked along it 8 times. Very tough, all hills, some steep, no flat parts, wonderful location so close to home.
Then last Monday, ran a full circuit of Googong Dam just over the border in NSW. An easy side and a hard side of 40 plus kms with around 1600 metres of up hill. A good day out.
Happy with the year overall, but not sure what 2016 will have in store.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Week 52 - One Day to Go


Distance:   4,231.7 kms in 52 weeks at ave  81.4 kms ( up from 80.6 kms last week)

Last week:  120.75 kms ( good )

Altitude:   76,322 metres in 52 weeks at ave  1,468 metres ( up from 1,437 metres last week)

Last week:  3,039 metres ( 2nd biggest of the year )

With only one day of the year to, most of those figures are not going to move by much. No significant milestones close to chase down.
Distance will be around 400 kms above the past 17 yearly average, but around 1,100 kms below my PB year back in 2013.
Couple of highlights of the past 7 days were my 70th time up Mt Rob Roy on Saturday. A return to the running track on the grass doing some cruise intervals for the first time in 13 months on Sunday.
Then, on Monday, a new course & trails to follow as we ran a circuit around Googong Dam which is actually in New South Wales. It's the areas water storage dam, our drinking water. It's reasonably full, beautifully blue & clear. This run of 45 kms had over 1,500 metres of up hill combined with the Mt Rob Roy run of 28 kms with 970 metres accounted for most of the week's totals.
A good week really to almost round out the year. I really need to keep the faster running on the plan, it certainly helps with the down hills off the " not really too steep" parts of the local mountains.
A final wrap up after an easy jog on New Years Eve.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Week 51 - Almost There

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  4,110.95 kms in 51 weeks at ave  80.6 kms ( up from 80.4 kms last week)

Last week:  90.5 kms

Altitude:  73,283 metres in 51 weeks at ave  1,437 metres ( up from 1,421 metres last week)

Last week:  2,229 metres ( height of Mt Kosciuszko)

A pretty good week with a rest day on Tuesday. We had a trip to Sydney when I can go for a walk/jog near the harbour. But it rained all the time while we were there, not pleasant conditions at all. So the week's totals could have been better.
Last time I mentioned aiming to get to 75 kms in altitude climbing for the year. That now looks achievable with a Mt Rob Roy trip on Boxing Day, over 1,000 metres.
Running distance looks to be a middle of nowhere total. Otherwise, just roll along until the end of the year, then focus on a new year's challenge.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Week 50 - Just 2 To Go

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  4,020.45 kms in 50 weeks at ave  80.4 kms ( down from 82.9 kms at week 47 )

Last 3 weeks:  122.55 kms

Altitude:  71,054 metres in 50 weeks at ave  1,421 metres  ( down from 1,470 metres at week 47)

Last 3 weeks:  1,950 metres

As mentioned in my last report, I have spent the last 2 weeks in Tasmania on holidays. This was a family & friend's visiting trip with only 7 running days, and only one involving any type of hills. That was in Hobart where I found a trail that took me part way up Mt Wellington.
It was a combined walking/downhill mountain bike course in great condition. Obviously, a technical track for the bikes, so good fun to try to run. Starting near sea level, and turned around at 450 metres above sea level, this would be the lower snow line in winter.
The remaining runs were very easy on the flat, short just around 10 kms each.
Still nothing planned running wise for next year. Only incentive until the end of this year is to get that altitude gain figure above 75,000 metres. A challenge for sure, but doable.
Otherwise, all good. This nice summer weather is suiting me, warm & low humidity.