Two Fruits

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Small, baby, brown

Distance: 15.35 km
Time: 1hr 15 mins 29 secs
Rate: 4'54" mpk
Weather: Start time 10:15AM, sunny, calm, temp range 21-27 degrees, humidity 40%

Distance: 461.65 km
Running days: 23 / 31
Ave 20.07 km per run
Note: 3rd highest monthly total ever

Probably was always going to run today with the weather still almost perfect, not too hot, no wind, just fun. An easy day cruising along, mind in another world, enjoying the scenery along the river track between Point Hut and Pine Is when I turned a sharp corner and there, in the middle of the track, was a small, baby brown (very brown) snake. Only half a metre long, but still enough to break an age group high jump record. Just happy not to have seen mum or dad but they must be there somewhere. Not as exiting as CJ seeing an echidna, I like them a lot more.
That's about 6 I have seen this summer being tigers, red belly blacks and browns. All scarey but as long I get to see them in advance I can take evasive action.

The run was very enjoyable just a recovery run with swim to take monthly total past 460km. Probably the best month of running for a long time with everything going well. Will need to slow down in February leading into SFT in March as I have averaged over 380km per month for the last 6 months.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just me and nature

Distance: 19.9km
Time: 1hr 48 mins 59 secs
Rate 5'28" mpk
Weather: Start time 10:15AM, sunny, light breeze in parts, temp range 21-27 degrees, humidity 25%

Distance: 446.3km
Running days: 22 / 30
Ave: 20.29km per run

Met or passed absolutely no other people out there today, which suits me just fine on a mid week run. The tracks are really dusty now with little rain recently. I must admit that I am wondering when all these kms are going to catch up with me, but so
far so good in the training for SFT. Have no niggles, soreness and seem to be recovering well after each run. Must be doing something right.

A regular run around the tracks behind Theodeore leaving out the climb to top of Mt Tuggeranong.The rest of the run still involves an undulating track from Calwell oval, up to the top of Theodore Hill, a circuit of Mt Tuggie and over the ridge that connects Conder and Theodore, down past a couple of reservoirs and eventually back to the sub station,past the oval and shops back home. Steep in places, the downhill is very runable so a bit of pace, easy under foot on the dirt, change of surface to grass on the oval, bit of a mixture. Just what you need. No swim today, I do miss that part of the recovery process and I think it works, for me anyway.

Tomorrow? Do I run, go for a ride on the mountain bike or do nothing? January total looks good, do I take the monthly total to 460km at 20 km per run or not?

See how I feel on the day.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Day after a rest day

Distance: 17.15km
Time 85 mins 47 secs
Rate: 5:00mpk
Weather: Start time 10:30AM, sunny, almost calm, temp range 20-25 degrees, humidity 27%

The day after a long run and then a rest day sometimes results in finding it difficult to get moving.The legs today felt fine and so it was a fairly good, solid run. Conditions were near perfect with few people around. Usual run around Point Hut and Pine Is with a very nice swim in the river, nice and cool, good for the legs.

I get to look at Mt Tennent all the way so the inspiration is there to want and go run up it all the time. It certainly dominates the landscape down this best part of Canberra. All those hills and not enough time to run up them all.

Great day today, loved it.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Course assistance at vet's handicap

Distance: Nil
Time: Nil
Rate: Nil
Weather: Cool for an early morning start, about 10 degrees, sunny, calm

Not surprisingly, I planned this weekend well with a long, tough run yesterday and duty at the vet's handicap today to recover. Just as well, the temptation would have been there to run hard today and be a write off for the rest of the week.
Legs fine, feel good so see how a few kms tomorrow go.

Six Foot Track - I am in, entered, paid, acknowledgement received and no turning back. Can't wait now to get there, bring it on!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Almost a Marathon

Distance: 41.5km
Time: 4hrs 28 mins 44 secs
Rate 6'29" per km
Weather: Start time just after 6:30AM, sunny, temp range 21-25 degrees, windy in exposed parts, warm mostly but hotter in calm areas, humidity 20%

Distance: 103.1km
Running days: 5/7
Ave: 20.62 km per run

Distance: 409.25km
Running days: 20/27
Ave: 20.46 km per run

Today was always going to be a tough day with only 2 more difficult Saturdays before starting to ease down to Six Foot Track. Conditions turned out to be better than expected although still a little warm in a couple of exposed parts where there was no wind. Started at our usual place near the lake at Molonglo Reach and around the outside of the golf course to the BBQ area near the War Memorial. That,was the end of the easy bit,5km with no hills.

Up Mt Ainslie with the loop circuit going the back to the powerlines, over to the saddle between Mt Ainslie and Mt Majura, continuing down to the fence line, up past Trent's grave, back to the saddle and on that never ending, exposed roller coaster track,past the pistol club and back for a drink at the War Memorial.Lap distance 12.5km in 82 minutes. Fairly good 1st lap.

Second lap the same but in reverse and I think harder because the roller coaster is more uphill, the run down past Trent's is rocky and tricky and the climb up the back of Mt Ainslie just goes on and on. A surprise was that this lap was only 2 minutes slower than the first with the cooling breeze helping.

Group decision ( or did we just follow John) was a 3rd lap would be shorter to get a run a 40km, so up we went again to the top of Mt Ainslie. Somehow, the three of us managed to run or was it a slow jog, all the way except the steps near the top. Just spread out and too high for me.Followed the road down a bit then off into the bush to pick up the roller coaster track (again) for a short part before going down towards Campbell Park offices and eventually back to the cars.

Time to soak the legs in the water, eat a couple of Mike's home grown peaches before heading home very tired. A very enjoyable run today, hard work but great to be able to do it.

Friday, January 26, 2007


Distance 13.3 km
Time: 65 mins.
Rate: 4'53" mpk
Weather: Start time 10:15AM, sunny, light NW wind, temp range 20-26 degrees, humidity 45%

Rest day yesterday, no motivation to run so slept in, fixed a few bits around the house and went to watch the vets run at the track at night. So needed a light jog to get moving today ready for tomorrow.
Variation on the usual easy run down around thr river, stop for a swim and a jog home although the time and km rate were better than expected.

Today's headline came out of the blue. My sunglasses are made with titanium frame, supposed to be unbreakable. No so. The rockets to the moon use titanium because of it's lightness and strength. I broke them so easily giving them clean I felt like superman. Or was he made of something else.
So the timing could not have been worse, Thursday afternoon before a long weekend. Rang the optometrist, no vacancies for a week.Cannot be repaired as they can't solder titanium. Just have to live without for a while, a very costly break.
No sunnies, may have to run at night.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rest Day

Having a break today, too many other things to catch up on such as sleep. Big day on Saturday coming up.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Trying out the Road

Distance: 18.00km
Time: 93 mins 04 secs
Rate 5'10" mpk
Weather: Start time 10:20AM, sunny, light northerly breeze, temp range 22-30 degrees, humidity 35%

Week totals.
Distance 48.3km
Running days 3/4
Ave: 16.1 kmpd

January totals.
Distance 354.45km
Running days 18/24
Ave: 19.69 km per run

With many of the ultra runs at this time of the year being cancelled for various reasons, a change of plan for the next few months. Decided to see if the feet would handle something harder than gravel, dirt, rocks, hills, mountains, sand, grass etc.
Still included some undulating tracks leaving out the big ones after last Sat on Mt Tennent and this Sat on Mt Ainslie.
A friend of mine, Peter A, at present in FNQ would be saying, "I eat mountains for breakfast", out there before dawn to see the sunrise over the ocean.
So today was try out as you never know what may be planned for later this year. As it was, the road is still a very hard surface and I don't like it, but a little at a time building up could lead to something.
Beaut day out there, stopped for the usual swim in the river, nothing else but enjoyed the run.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The calves were mooing

Distance: 14.6km
Time: 74 mins 29 secs
Rate: 5'06" mpk
Weather: Start time 11:15AM, beautiful day, sunny, light northerly breeze, temp range 22-30 degrees, humidity 29%

Not my calves, they're fine, but the 4 legged ones, and their mothers just would not get out of the way. Ran to within a few metres before any movement. Just as well dad wasn't around, or it was at night because they were black.
Today, just a fun day out, not really a training day but a day to go out because you can. Over Stranger hill behind Bonython, along the river track, stop for a swim and back home at a leisurely pace. Just too easy!
Reality, have to go to work this afternoon so will miss the cricket, but, work is not really work, just cruising around listening to the radio,collecting a few passengers who are not watching the cricket either.

Monday, January 22, 2007

The run after the hard one

Distance: 15.75km
Thime 78 mins 52 secs
Rate: 5:00mpk
Weather: Start time 10.40AM, sunny, calm, temp range 22-27 degrees, humidity 37%

Today was always going to be a test to see if the legs had anything left. Even after a rest day on Sunday and a very easy day at that,I was very surprised to find everything worked OK, a little slow to start, but after a few easy kms, the run just seemed to flow. The usual run today down Woodcock Dr to Point Hut, follow the river track to Pine Is, around the top end car park and back to the beach. Stop for a swim, water still cool, and then back home on the gravel track behind Bonython and up Woodcock and Johnson Dr.
Beautiful day out there, happy with the run, so will see how the rest of the week goes.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

A mountain to Conquer

Distance: 30.75km
Time: 3hrs 44mins 27 secs
Rate: 7'17" mpkm
Weather: Warm to very warm, temp range 20-33 degrees, sunny, windy in exposed parts, humid to start dropping to 22% later

Weekly totals.
Distance 96.85km
Running days 5 / 7
Ave: 19.37 km per run

January totals.
Distance: 306.1 km
Running days: 15 / 20
Ave: 20.4 km per run

Mt Tennent:
Height above sea level:1380 metres
Height at Namadgi Visitor's Centre: 620 metres
Climb each km: 1st = 30 mtrs
2nd = 95 mtrs
3rd = 100 mtrs
4th = 180 mtrs
5th = 105 mtrs
6th = 70 mtrs
7th = 180 mtrs

Today we headed to Mt Tennent south of Tuggeranong and easily visible as you go into the Namadgi National Park. From the visitor's centre ( closed because we were there too early), a group of 5 sometimes mad runners who walked a lot, started the never ending onwards and upwards journey to the top. Not once but twice, because training for Six Foot Track demands plenty of attention to the hills. After the first kilometre, and still exposed on the north east side of the mountain, the going gets tough. The track becomes very rocky having been created after the 2003 bushfires much destroyed the old track which was much more runable.
After just over an hour, managed to reach the summit taking a hugh 45 seconds off the time from 4 weeks ago. Then back down from where we came, but continued on the Australian Alpine Walking track down on to Bushfold Flats and eventually reached Apollo Road which goes out to the old Honeysuckle Tracking Station site. Just touch the gate and return on the good surfaced fire trail to the top of the mountain again. This is really the hardest part of the entire run with no respite from the endless uphill. There is a bit of shade as the sun was making it's presence felt.
Stopped to refill water bottles from the tank and take on jellybeans, and the fun part begins. I love the technical downhill, so hard to run up but lots of fun going down. One mistake though can be disasterous, survival wrecks the quads anyway. Going up 63 mins, down 46 mins for 7.2km. Some hate it.
One more run over the course in 3 weeks time and a race the week later should just round off the training for SFT.
Very nice day today, great people to be with, excellent scenery (if you dared take your eyes off the track), heaps of kangaroos and very small lizards.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The need for speed

Distance: 14.8km
Time: 72 mins 47 secs
Rate: 4'55" mpk
Weather, warm, cloudy, temp range 22-26 degrees, very humid 45%,

I haven't been doing much recently in the speed department partly because I am working at night so I am missing track on Thursday nights. The problem with long distance running is it is fairly slow with only some faster pace on gradual downhill sections. Decided to make this run a quicker one and it was only the last 3.5km at 5:14mpk uphill to get home that prevented the run rate from looking good overall at around 4:38mpk for the first 12km.
Much better run today although the increase in humidity did slow the pace. Kept the run as flat as possible heading down to Pine Is where I stopped for the usual therapeutic swim at half way. Does wonders for recovery and the "feel good" factor and more importantly, injury prevention.
Rest day on Friday ready for Mt Tennent on Saturday morning.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Running in the heat

Distance: 20.00km
Time: 1hr 59 mins 01 secs
Rate 5'57" mpk
Weather,start time 10.10AM, very warm, sunny, high cloud, light breeze, humidity 40%, temp range 26 - 31 degrees

Weekly total: 51.3 km
Monthly total: 260.55km
Running days: 13 /17
Average: 20.04 kpd

Running when the warm weather is so consistant must one day catch up with both mental and physical performance and today was that day. Mid week run over the hills is usually the best day of the week, bit tough, not too far and not too high but almost defeated by the conditions today. Decided to take an extra drink bottle so had 1.2 litres of water and would also pass the local service station on the way home. Headed for the hills behind Theodore and climbed the first usually easy one with ease and started on the climb up Mt Tuggeranong. When the kangaroos are hiding in the shade and not moving as you slowly pass just a few metres away, you know it it hot.
Anyway, made it to the top in over 12 minutes for 1.3km, didn't walk at all but the jog was slow. Even the run back down was slow. The view of the whole Tuggeranong valley is well worth the effort even on a slow day. Added a few extra kms over to the reservoirs and finally made a slow trip back home.
I keep remembering back to my couple of trips to the Glasshouse Mounatins in Qld where you get weighed a couple of times to see if you have maintained your starting weight. If you lose 3% of your weight, you must stop and drink plenty, lose 5% and you can be withdrawn from the run. Consistancy in fluid intake is a big key on hot days. Doesn't matter though, still an enjoyable day out there in the great outdoors. Beats working in daytime.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Does not get any better

Distance: 16.2 km
Time: 81 mins 42 secs
Rate: 5'03" mpkm
Weather: Start time 10:25AM, sunny, calm, humidity 33%, temp range 22- 29 degrees

As the heading says, it doesn't get any better than today.Reintroduced a few hills into today's run after a rest day and then easy run yesterday. It's only a small hill behind Bonython, home to a dozen or so kangaroos who think runners are mad to be out when they rest in the shade.The run had a bit of everything with a long flat gravel track to up the pace, the river track that twists and winds on a soft sandy base, a bit of road (yuk) and very few people. Except at the river where the water is great and the swimming hole at the south end of Pine Is is much deeper and much cooler, absolutely beautiful and I will stop there in future instead of the main central beach.
Looks like the Sri Chinmoy 100km has been cancelled in February so the hills and mountains are back on the agenda.

Monday, January 15, 2007

New Week

Distance: 15.1km
Time: 75 mins 47 secs
Rate: 5'01" mpkm
Weather: Start time 10:30am,sunny,light breeze,temp range 22-27 degrees.

Similar easy run I do twice a week down to Point Hut Crossing, follow river track back to Pine Is, stop for dip in the river and then back home behind Bonython houses. Can't believe this nice weather has continued for so long but rain would be good for everyone. Let it rain overnight.

Rest day yesterday spent sleeping, watching those Aussie cricketers beat the Kiwis and a little bit of work in the back yard. Very easy day after a fairly solid week running and working in the afternoons and at night on several hot days.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Warm & Hilly

Distance: 35.5 km
Time: 3hrs 34 mins 25 secs
Rate: 6'02" pk
Weather, cloudy to start then sunny, calm, low humidity, temperature range 17- 26 degrees

Weekly total: 124.65 km
Running days 6
Ave: 20.77 km per run

Monthly to date: 209.25 km
Running days 10 / 13
Ave: 20.9 km per run

We were blessed by a cool change overnight which lowered daytime temperature from the 40 degrees experienced yesterday where Canberra had it's 3rd hottest day on record. With the Six Foot track run now just 2 months away, it was time to get really serious and hit the mountain. Mt Ainslie is a good place to start and with doing several loops over the top as well as other undulating tracks, it does not take long to know you are in for a long day. The keys to today's run was not the height of the mountain but the continuous and seemed never ending up and down like a roller coaster. In fact part of the course we call "the roller coaster". Other sections include the powerlines, the long climb past Trent's grave and on Mt Majura the 4 ways and the zig zag. No one gets lost or confused. The run started as usual at Molonglo reach going on the outside of the golf course towards Campbell Park offices. The first 3km ended the flat part. Over to the BBQ area behind the War Memorial and up to the top of Mt Ainslie. The 1st loop wasn't too bad before the heat took it's toll, but the second loop was certainly much slower except the fast down hill off the top of the mountain. Good pace finish along the edge of the lake with the last 5.8km at under 5:00mpk pace. Great day today with good company all the way and very nice to see so many walkers out there as well enjoying the sunshine.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Just about perfect

Distance : 12.7km
Time 62mins 56 secs
Rate: 4:57mpk
Weather, sunny, light NW wind, very warm, temp range 26-34 degrees.

Today was planned to be a rest day before a hard hilly run tomorrow, but the weather being so good at the moment, I dare not miss out on the chance to go for an easy run. The run was similar to yesterday leaving out Point Hut section. Again stopped at Pine Is to go for a cooling dip at half way, so this being an easy day, at nice break is good. Water is cool out in middle so really helps the legs and a general feel refreshed feeling. Good run today, abolutely great conditions with very low humidity. Hope for a cooler day tomorrow morning with a few hills in there to really keep the Six Foot track training on the go.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Beautiful day

Distance: 15.05km
Time 75mins58 secs
Rate 5:02 mpk
Weather: Beautiful, sunny, calm, low humidity, temp range 22-30 degrees

Weekly total: 76.45km
Monthly total: 161.05km
Running days 8 out of 11
Rate: 20.13kpd

Ran earlier today with the forecast of top temperatue of 38 degrees on a total fire ban day. Today was an easy relaxed run day, bit faster than recovery pace and bit slower than tempo pace, just one of those runs that go with the flow. Speaking of flow, not much water at Pine Is in the Murrumbidgee River with the drought conditions continuing, and what is there is a little brown from recent storms, but it is nice and cool and very refreshing half way through a run. Today ran down Johnson Dr, Woodcock Dr to Point Hut Crossing, follow the river track to Pine Is reserve, stop for a swim and back home on track behind Bonython to Woodcock Dr and Johnson Dr. About as flat as I can get in this area with enough undulations to make it interesting without being hilly. Great day to be out there.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wednesday 10th January 2007

Distance: 21.55 km
Time: 2 hrs 7 mins 40 secs
Rate: 5:55mpk
Weather: Very warm, sunny, calm or light NW wind at times, temp 24-28 degrees.

Run from home on my usual mid week hilly long run past Calwell shops, oval and behind Theodore houses to a turn off towards the monaro highway, Climb to the top of a hill I just call Theodore hill (suppose it has a name) and down to the sub station. Turn left towards Conder and follow that behind the new houses till I reach a turn up to a track over the ridge that leads to the reservoirs. That leads down on to a track going back to the sub station, but decided to climb the rough gully track that comes out half way up Mt Tuggeranong. Walked the rough parts and finished on top of the mountain. Great views on a perfect day today. Almost flew down the main trail that has been recently graded and is now light powdery dust and much more forgiving if you fall. Back to the sub station and back home on the trail behind the houses, Calwell oval and shops and up Johnson drive which is closed off due to roadworks on a new roundabout at intersection with Ashley Dr. Top day out there today, maybe left a tad late in the morning at 10:30am but who cares, just go and do it.

Tuesday 9th January 2007

Update on missing day Friday 5th January 2007

Distance: 19.5km
Time: 105mins 25 secs
Rate: 5:24mpk
Weather warm, sunny, calm. temp. 25 degrees

Day back from holiday left home down past Calwell oval to Theodore. On dirt track behind the houses to the electricity sub station, circiut of Tuggeranong Hill, over the ridge past the reservoirs to Conder, back to the sub station and return home via Calwell oval. Undulating run I would do a couple of times a week and occassionally go to the top of Mt Tuggeranong as well as the track to top of Theodore Hill behind Ewen's house. Very good mid week run.

January kms to date: 124.45Km
No. of running days: 6 / 9
Ave per run: 20.74km

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Wednesday 9th January 2007

Update on year to date :

Monday 1st Jan: Portland, Vic Great South West Walk tracks on cliffs above Great Southern Ocean. Swim after run in ocean
Distance: 24.85km
Time: 2hrs 22 mins.
Rate: 5:43mpk
Weather: Sunny, windy, temp 24 degrees

Tuesday 2nd Jan: Portland, Vic Same course as Monday just shorter. Saw 1 metre tiger snake and 1 Echidna. Swim after run in ocean
Distance: 15.55km
Time: 80mins 41 secs
Rate: 5:11mpk
Weather: Sunny, light wind off sea, temp 24 degrees

Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th: Travel back to Canberra

Monday, January 8, 2007

Monday 8th January 2007

Calwell Oval

Time 2hrs 20 mins
Distance 24.7 km
Pace 5:16 mpk
Weather: windy, smokey haze, no humidity, sunny, temp 20-25 degrees

To get use to running on grass , ran 12 x 1.65km circuits of the playing fields, walked 1 drinking at slow pace plus 3 half laps and 4 around the grass running track. Started off at 5:00mpk and slowed down to around 5:20mpk which will all be too fast over 100km. Average pace should be well over 6mpk. Good solid day, very enjoyable.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Sunday 7th January 2007

Run 15.15 km
Time 79:26 mins
Pace 5:15 mpk
Weather: mild 20 degrees, calm, humid, cloudy
I have decided to run the Sri Chinmoy 100km on 3rd Feb so wrote a training plan for the 4 weeks yet to go. Coming off a December of 384km and a year total of 3930km, a least a solid base is there to work on. Weekly totals start at 100km and build up to 120km in 2 weeks with the Saturday long run most important plus a long run of 25km around the oval on the grass mid week. Today was a recovery run, fairly easy, almost didn't go out with the rain early this morning. Waited until the rain stopped. It is not that I don't like running in the rain, just not starting out in it. At least the rain has softened the tracks from the rock hard surfaces of the past months.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Saturday 6th January 2007

First post so be kind. I am just a runner who enjoys the great outdoors. In time this will get better amd I will divulge more about myself. Today, an easy 25km in 2hrs 30 mins around Mt. Ainslie and Mt Majura. Weather warm, start about 15 degrees and up to mid 20's by the end.