Two Fruits

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September - A Small Improvement


Race ?: 
Distance:   8 kms plus warm up
Time:  53' 51"
Rate:  6' 40" per km
Warm up:  2.25 kms total for day  10.25 kms


Bike ride:  16.0 kms in 51' 28 at 18.7 kmph

Distance:  9.6 kms
Time:  59' 50"
Rate:  6' 15" per km
Weather:   sunny, temp 23 degrees, humidity 33%, wind NW 32 kmph

Sept:  95.55 km in 11/30 days at ave 8.69 kms per run
Year: 1620.85 kms in 39 weeks at ave 41.56 kms per week
Year: 1620.85 kms in 9 months at ave 180.1 kms per month

This month was a big improvement on the past 4 months all affected by an ongoing hip injury.
That now has gone, but the month's running was disrupted by a fall while out running a couple of weeks ago.

I have lost most of my endurance base which now has to be rebuilt. The next few months until the end of the year will be spent doing this with a target race in mid March next year of a 100 km run on the Canberra Centenary Trail. It's on the north side of the city so not as hilly as if it was on south side.

Today's short run was very slow partly due to strong winds, plus I took a different course due to the seasonal magpie attacks. A hazard to be avoided until mid November as the parents look to protect their eggs in the current breeding season.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

On Your Bike

Sunday 14.9.14 to now:  Nil

Bike ride:
Distance:  15.15 kms in 59' 43" at 15.2 kmph

Weather:  sunny, temp 15 degrees, humidity 60%, wind calm

Old mountain bike went in for a service a week or so ago. Bad news, not worth the expense of bringing it up scratch. So, thanks for the memories, it's been a good 12 years.

New TREK mountain bike out for it's first trip on a wonderful spring morning.
There has been no running in almost 2 weeks due to the fall where I put a sapling stick through my knee. Healing process has been Ok, with the stitches coming out last Tuesday after 9 days.
An infection, no surprise there, is almost gone and the wound is better every day. I did visit my doctor on Monday, given antibiotics & a day off work. Didn't take that, no need.
Bike ride today over some of the local bike paths & fire trails covered the important aspects of a new bike. Up hill to test the gears, down hill to test the brakes & some single undulating rocky trails to test the suspension. All good, passed with flying colours.
Tomorrow, Sunday is a return to running, may be very slowly, at the next vet's monthly handicap over 8 kms.
With my very generous handicap now due to slow running, then a hip injury, I hopefully won't finish last, that's the plan.
If all goes well, I'll gradually increase the running to rebuild, again, the endurance base. The daily commute to work & back should take care of the cross training as well as a few gym sessions during the week concentrating on upper body.
All looking good at this stage for a proper return to running with a few races planned for next year now as there is not a big enough base for much in the remainder of this year.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Backwards & Forwards

Monday:  8.9.14
Distance:  10.05 kms in 50' 13" at ave  6' 00"

Tuesday:  9.9.14
Distance:   4.3 kms in 25' 36" at ave  5' 58"

Thursday:   11.9.14
Distance:  13.75 kms in 91' 12" at ave  6' 38"

Friday:  13.9.14
Distance: 8.5 kms in 47' 56" at ave   5' 38"

Saturday: 14.9.15
Distance: 370 metres in 4' 00" at ave  10' 45"

I thought progress was being made as I very slowly try to rebuild a running base.
However, Saturday night it came to a sudden halt. Note distance.
I had planned with a couple of others to run more of the Canberra Centenary Trail similar to the previous Saturday night. I do need to inspect the full course at night for the AnzacUltra in April 2015.
However, it came to a an abrupt end after 370 metres when I tripped over some cut off sapling stumps hidden in long grass not far from the start at Woden bus interchange.
End result, a trip to hospital emergency ward to get a wound repaired. Damage required a tetanus injection, a cleanout of small stones & grass and 7 stitches.
In and out in 90 minutes which was wonderful. Really expected at least 4 hours on a Saturday night, so lucky.
Now, no running at all until stitches come out in a week to 10 days, then very gentle movement to allow for the deep down injury to heal.
Nothing to do but wait out time. So annoying as spring time is the best time for the hills and mountains as the weather warms. Plans now for next year just delayed a bit. I can't continue to play catch up, just need some consistency without any more setbacks.
On the positive side, the hip injury seems to have finally fixed itself.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

First Week of Spring

Monday:   1.9.14
Dist: 4.3 kms in 24' 39" at ave 5' 44" per km

Tuesday:   2.9.14
Dist:  4.15 kms in 23' 19" at ave 5' 37" per km

Friday:  5.9.14
Dist:  4.25 kms in 25' 17" at ave 5' 56" per km

Saturday:  6.9.14  Night run:

Distance:   26.00 kms
Time:  3 hrs 52 mins 58 secs
Rate:  8' 58"  per km
Weather:  clear night sky, temp 7 degrees, humidity 70%, wind calm

Week & Sept:  38.7 km,  Year:  1573.00 km

A few very short runs during the week, then a long run at night. Very unusual to be running at night when the normal weekend training is on a Saturday morning.
But, I needed to check out the Canberra Centenary Trail for markings at night in readiness for the AnzacUltra in April next year.
Seems the directional arrows in place are not very reflective at night. Navigation will best using a very bright head lamp and good local knowledge.
Trip wasn't very fast. I had the company of Billy, who is in the final stages of getting ready for the 6 day event in Adelaide at the end of the month. We walked at times & run when possible. We also had plenty of stops to check the course markings, or lack thereof.
Managed to get through without any problems. Hip just tender at the finish so some treatment when home. All Ok today.