Two Fruits

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Week 30 - Going Up

Running:  Year to date

Distance:   2,171.05 kms  in 30 weeks at ave  72.4 kms ( up from 72.2 kms in week 29)

Last week:  76.85 kms

Altitude:  77,250 metres in 30 weeks at ave  2,575 metres ( up from 2,535 metres in week 29)

Last week:  3,748 metres

Month to date: 13,935 metres

A couple of months ago, I decided to challenge myself to get to 80,000 metres of vertical by the end of July.
But, a few down weeks due to a family death, a race with tapering & recovery, and a week of fighting a heavy cold/flu, had me well behind the target.
I reassessed & decided 75 would be nice for the year to end of July. That would still be well over an average of 10 per month & at my yearly total for 2015.
Then, post sickness, and with some kind weather, a good consistency was found and the totals continued to rise.
Winter also arrived with some good snow falls on the local high mountains. That provided a good incentive to get high for some scenic running. I've been to the snow now about 5-6 times, it's so much fun & rewarding.
This week started with long hilly run sussing out a possible mountain running race course for a few year's time. Then another hilly run on Friday over muddy fire trails added more vert making this week's vertical look respectable.
Lucky with the weather so far this winter, very little rain & temps have not been cold. Very windy up high, but it's a matter of get up there and back down as soon as possible.
Now, to maintain fitness, stay healthy & find a suitable race to use up all this training.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Week 29 - Good Maintenance Training

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  2,094.2 kms in 29 weeks at ave  72.2 kms ( down from 72.3 kms in week 28)

Last week:  70.55 kms

Altitude:  73,502 metres in 29 weeks at ave  2,535 metres ( up from 2,530 metres in week 28)

Last week:  2,677 metres

After a good week ending last Saturday, Sunday was a day sick in bed. Not unexpected as many around me have come down with a cold/flu and obviously my immune system couldn't save me.
A day of nothing helped and I was able to get some running done every day during the past 6 days.
Not pushing the pace at all, and walking almost every hill I came to, has allowed maintaining weekly averages, just.
Once back to full health, I will try to up the training with a couple of nice ultras on the horizon later once spring time comes around.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Week 28 - Another Snowy Run

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  2,023.65 kms in 28 weeks at ave  72.3 kms ( up from 72.2 kms in week 27)

Last week:  73.4 kms

Altitude:  70,825 metres in 28 weeks at ave  2,530 metres ( up from 2,485 metres in week 27)

Last week:  3,740 metres

Just like 2 weeks ago, conditions were perfect for the Saturday long run with sunny skies and snow on the ground.
A good hilly run during the week helped get distance to near weekly average for the year. Also assisted in a great vertical week for me.
The week included two rest days. A few pics from my snow covered trails today continued an amazing winter in Tasmania not really known for it's snow so close to sea level and at such low altitude. The snow started at around 500 metres above sea level with plenty of it at our highest point at just over 1100 metres above sea level.
 Snow covered trails, good fun running over these rough surfaces.
 A small Bennet's Wallaby is Tasmania's version of the bigger kangaroos on mainland Australia. Very timid, this little guy just stood his ground as we passed by.
Surrounding mountains with patchy snow.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Week 27 - Not A Good One

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  1,950.25 kms in 27 weeks at ave  72.2 kms ( down from 72.85 kms in week 26)

Last week:  56.1 kms

Altitude:  67,085 metres in 27 weeks at ave  2,485 metres ( down from 2,489 metres in week 26)

Last week: 2,360 metres

Not a good week on any front. My wife's sister had died the week before with the funeral last Thursday. With visiting family from the mainland staying with us, running took a backseat. Missed 2 days of running this week, and one of the running days was an easy but solid walk with my brother-in-law.
He is no pace setter, but I found a few slopes to test him out. Bad luck for him, he lives on very flat ground, so vert is not his scene although he aims for his 10,000 steps each day.
Just a small drop from the averages this week, so not too bad. A solid mountain run on Saturday morning to finish the week was good accounting for over half of both distance & vertical for the week.
Hoping life settles down from now on & a routine can redevelop. Otherwise, all Ok, winter weather has been mild with snow on the local mountains lasting only a few days.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Week 26 - Includes a Race

Running:  Year to date

Distance:  1,894.15 kms in 26 weeks at ave  72.85 km ( down from 73.27 kms in week 24)

Last 2 weeks:  135.6 kms

Altitude:  64,725 metres in 26 weeks at ave  2,489 metres ( down from 2,529 metres in week 24)

Last 2 weeks:  4,028 metres

Not very often do I enter races anymore but this past fortnight included a race on the east coast of Tasmania at Freycinet National Park.
Although only 29 kms long, it included the world famous Wineglass Bay beach, rated by some travel agents in the world in the top 10. No doubts now in my mind, it's truly spectacular.
After Wineglass Bay, then the rough trails up Mt Graham to make a 960 metre race height gain.
Then today, in contrast to sea level beach running, a group of us hit the local mountains now winter has arrived. Winter means snow, and plenty of it today.
Snow everywhere on a trail to Mt Connection & Collins Bonnet. A beautiful sunny clear day. Dry powder snow was perfect. Winter running at it's best.