Two Fruits

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Week 11 - After Gone Nuts

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  1080.35 kms in 11 weeks at ave  98.2 kms ( down from 107.5 kms at week 8)

Last 3 weeks:  220.5 kms

Altitude:  33,235 metres in 11 weeks at ave 3,021 metres ( down from 3,647 metres at week 8)

Last 3 weeks:  4,060 metres

Ran, enjoyed & finished Gone Nuts 101 kms 2 weeks ago. Amazingly scenic run over the Nut at Stanley on far North West coast of Tasmania, along beaches, through outgoing creek flows over the sands,farmland tracks, bush & rocky outcrops to finish at Wynyard.
For all the training I had done, especially the vertical metres and plenty of time on feet, I felt I ran out of " running legs".
With around 3000 metres of up hill in the race, I had heaps of solid walking pace & climbing, but after around 65-70 kms, just didn't have the legs to run. Combined with darkness & some rough tracks carved out of farmland, liked this last section of the race, I finished walk strong, just not enough pace. Final race result was 17 hrs 47 mins for 101 kms. Would have liked around 14 hours to finish in the daylight. So, I'll work on that aspect for next time. Overall, a fantastic event.
After race day, we had a week on holiday near the beaches of Port Sorell near Devonport where I spent 2-3 times a day in the sea to help the legs recover. No problems at all, just a bit tired.
The past week, back to some gentle jogging. On one very easy, going slowly, run I felt a twang in my left Achilles. Walked home, booked a massage.
The wonderful Jodie found several deep down sore spots, one of which was the cause of the Achilles ache. Massaged out the soreness, all good now although very careful.
Neverest Challenge in Canberra is next on the plan. Seems more like my scene now with steep up hill, power walk, and steep down hill where I can gently jog.